Our woven solutions are designed to be an integral part of the garment to which they apply
The weaving department creates selvaged, thermo-cut, ultrasound cut, tubular woven labels, woven tapes, bags, fabrics and linings for leather goods, composition labels and care instructions.

We have forty needle, rapier and air jet looms. We use natural fibres (cotton, organic and recycled cotton, linen, wool, hemp, silk), synthetic fibres (polyester and recycled polyester, textured micro and multi filament, yarn-dyed, mass coloured and cationic dye), artificial fibres (viscose, acetate) and fibres made from waste (nettle, orange, seaweed, bamboo, milk). All the textiles we produce can be transformed with multiple trimmings in our finishing department.

Woven labels

Woven tapes

Patch fabrics