Change starts with us

Sustainability: an umbrella term encapsulating a variety of practices and habits, actions and initiatives. Fully aware of our environmental impact at every stage of the production process, we have long embraced a more responsible, conscious vision. We are intensifying our research with one clear message and motivation: eco-compatible products are ethical and represent an added value in terms of design and style. We carefully select our materials, using recyclable and recycled sources in our collections, we offer ecological labels and hang tags and we carefully evaluate our methods of transport. We have also obtained OEKO-TEX Standard Class 1 certification in weaving for our woven and printed labels and GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certification.

Our main goal is to take full responsibility for cutting our environmental impact to a minimum. We are committed to reducing energy consumption and preventing unnecessary burdens on the environment. In addition to our day-to-day commitment to eco-sustainable research, we are also involved in two projects to reduce our environmental footprint.

Biolabel, our new ethical, 100% biodegradable woven label made from natural raw materials, and Varcobosco, an ambitious tree-planting scheme designed to counter CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.