A new ecological paradigm

We have decided to take an important and symbolic step: acquiring land and planting trees is the first action towards a new cultural paradigm centred on respect for Nature.

In this spirit we have launched the Varcobosco project, a long-term commitment to reduce our environmental footprint. This is a corporate social responsibility step that takes concrete action against climate change.

A new ecological paradigm

creation of a sustainable panorama between the future and environmental prosperity


acquisition of land for safeguarding project continuity
creation of a territory aimed at environmental prosperity
contribution to the landscape
countering urbanisation
reduction of urban sprawl


1,000 trees planted per year
reducing environmental footprint
offsetting CO2 emissions
real action against climate change
creation of new habitats for plants and wildlife

Social responsibility

mitigation of company’s impact on the territory
creation of green spaces for the community
added value for company establishment
raise awareness of sustainability
involvement of all stakeholders
transparent and reliable relationships